Tasteless Halloween costumes leave bad taste

James Farmer

Last week I wrote about the dangers of being photographed wearing stupid apparel over Halloween. Many people did not share my convictions, as countless people were caught wearing tasteless costumes that were absolutely cringe-worthy. I feel that most people wearing these costumes were concerned with making a joke or perhaps not thinking at all. For example, the male duo that went dressed as dead Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman probably weren’t thinking they’d be Internet famous by the end of the night, but they certainly made a statement (and plenty of people angry).

When thinking about what you are going to wear, whether it be to just an average night at the club or for a special occasion like Halloween, it is important to ask yourself a few questions. The first question you should ask yourself is, “Would I like my future boss to see this picture?” Some ladies this Halloween proved that they are perfectly fit for a job at Hooters, however, if they ever want a more prestigious job than that, they need to rethink their wardrobe choices and delete several dozen photos.

A second thought that you should consider when picking out an outfit is, “Will this upset anyone else?” I’m not asking for you to consider the feelings and emotions of the crowd for simply altruistic reasons. Think about it, people get offended every day, and it upsets them. They have to file these emotions in the back of their mind and try not to get violently angry at the offenders. However, in social occasions with alcohol involved, all these emotions can come boiling through the emotional barrier that alcohol has eroded. Maybe a better thing to ask is, “Is wearing this outfit worth getting my teeth kicked in?”

Most people dressed appropriately and decently this Halloween. They were considerate of the views of others and didn’t show off too much skin. But some people just didn’t get the memo and they make the rest of us, and especially themselves, look bad. So anytime you get the occasion to dress up, or dress down if you choose, be aware of what you are actually representing and wearing.