City Campus prepares tomorrow’s business owners

Photo by: Andy Morales

William Price

Starting Monday, City Campus, in conjunction with various local organizations, is bringing Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) to Statesboro with a lineup of local business owners and innovators.

“Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators that launch startups, push collaborative efforts and drive economic growth,” Suzanne Hallman, organizer of City Campus’ GEW and business advisor for City Campus, said.

GEW is an international initiative to help individuals and businesses with developing products and ideas that can fuel economic growth. Each event is designed to help attendees gain knowledge about starting and sustaining a business, and is free and open to the public.

The celebration begins on Monday with presentations and speakers focusing on art and creativity in business and runs until Friday, each day with its own theme.

“The purpose of all of this is to get people thinking creatively and in a different manner in regards to business and entrepreneurship,” Dominique Halaby, director of the Bureau of Business Research and Economic Development and City Campus, said.

City Campus is bringing different speakers, business-owners and entrepreneurs to Statesboro to discuss business and business ownership at every angle. The week will cover topics such as creative entrepreneurship, sustainable business, business development, financing and investing and youth business opportunities.

The event provides a huge amount of completely free networking opportunities, insight and experience from seasoned local and regional business owners, Hallman said.

“Business is something that permeates all disciplines and areas of study. Art students may be business owners all the same as a management major. We’ve planned something for everyone during the week,” Halaby said.

The events will take place at City Campus in downtown Statesboro as well as places like South & Vine Public House, the Averitt Center for the Arts, GSU Farmer’s Market and Sea Island Bank.

“We’re having a lot of entrepreneurs come and speak on their passions and how they made them profitable,” Hallman said.

Attending the presentations and lectures is free for the public.

“We’re having people come down to talk about their successes, failures and everything in between in order to help students and future business owners,” Halaby said.

GEW takes place in over 80 countries around the globe with over three million participants.

City Campus is partnering with the City of Statesboro, the Downtown Statesboro Development Authority and GSU’s College of Business Administration to shape the event.

Hallman said, “No matter what your idea is, we’re working to help students achieve the American Dream.”