Student cooks up new book

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  • Will Guy

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Erinn Williams

One Georgia Southern University senior is cooking up something really special for college students.

Will Guy, a senior restaurant management major who has been cooking all his life and has spent five years cooking professionally, is making a cookbook catered to students.

“I first got the idea to make a cookbook from one of my friends who told me that I should take all of the dishes I was cooking and share them,” Guy said. “I sat down and began writing out what I like to cook and eat and it transformed into this book.”

Guy’s cookbook, “The Audacity to Cook,” is centered around helping college students learn how to cook and the proper techniques to use. It features five chapters of meals that are easy enough for college students to prepare.

“I was really convinced to write a book after helping one of my friends impress a lady friend of his on a date. That’s when I realized I could really do this,” Guy said. “A family friend who is a part of our church family is a publisher and things just took off from there.”

The chapter titled, “Who’s Counting Calories?” is not for those who are watching their figure. It features big sandwiches and sloppy meals that would be found at a tailgate like the ‘A House Divided’ burger that is smothered in cheese, chicken, bacon, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and barbecue sauce.

“Meatless” is a chapter dedicated specifically to vegetarian dishes.

“I was tired of going to restaurants and seeing that the only thing that they had for vegetarians to eat was soup and salad. I want people to know that there are tasty meals that people can eat without any meat in them,” Guy said.

The “Epically Random” chapter features tasty side dishes, sauces, marinades, desserts and dips that can compliment almost any meal.

There is one chapter that almost every college student can benefit from that shows how to create meals on a tight money budget that make a lot of leftovers called “2 Days ‘til Payday and I’ve Got $20.”

“Lucky 7” focuses on the seven special ingredients students should have in their cabinet to make five-star dishes at home.

“I want people to know that everything that you eat doesn’t have to be store- or restaurant-bought,” Guy said. “With fresh ingredients you have no idea what you are capable of doing.”

There are 32 recipes in all and the eBook is pushing for a Cyber Monday release.

It will be available on Kindle and Nook and will also be available for purchase off of the publisher GIVE, LLC’s website.

“I’m starting a culinary revolution for people who would otherwise end up spending their money at McDonald’s. In this book I am literally daring students to cook,” Guy said. “Cooking is not hard you just have to want to do it.”

After graduating in December, Will plans to go to culinary school and return to Statesboro and start his own restaurant.

Guy said, “The restaurant will definitely college-friendly. I’m unsure of the type of food I’m going to serve yet but my favorite foods are Spanish cuisine, New Orleans cuisine and anything breakfast-related so who knows what will be on the menu.”