‘Company’ brings down the house

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  • Photo courtesy of: Carolyn Bryan

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Matt Sowell

The audience was taken by storm last night when Georgia Southern University’s Opera and the Georgia Southern Symphony performed “Company”, a classic musical by Stephen Sondheim.

“I was pleasantly surprised,” Kyle Miller, a freshman Chemical Engineering major said. “I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve never seen a theatre production at Southern. All the actors were really good.”

David Hopkins, senior music education major, portrayed a quirky and witty Bobby. Audience members were hooked as he took them through an emotional roller coaster searching for love and examining marriages.

The audience erupted in laughter as Sarah, played by Cydney Gardner, and Harry, played by Michael Bailey, performed karate on stage while Bobby watched awkwardly. The scene reached a comedic climax when Sarah had Harry pinned to the floor.

Jenny, played by Rachel Hirneisen, and David, played by Evan Crowther, had audiences on a roll during their smoking scene. The crowd nearly lost it when Jenny, a seemingly kind and gentle women yelled all sorts of swears after taking a few hits from a joint.

Marta’s ballad, played by Brittany Luberda, to New York City captured a feeling of excitement. It fit the show perfectly and seemed to take it to a new level.

The true highlight of the night was when Ashley Rivera portrayed Joanne and belted “Ladies who Lunch”, a trademark of the show’s soundtrack.  The show took a dramatic turn as she drunkenly lamented about the struggles of being an older women past her prime, while watching younger girls live happy lives.

Hopkins brought the show to an emotional close as he sang his heart out. The Audience roared in applause once he finished the closing song “Being Alive.”

“I’m really glad I came,” Miller said, “I can’t wait to see what they do next.”