Big can be beautiful too

Savannah Rogers

I feel you’ll agree that we have many opportunities on campus to celebrate who we are as individuals. What we don’t have are plentiful opportunities to love our bodies. We have celebrations of diversity, of cultures, of common interests. None of those events focus on the well being of the individual. Now, I touched on this several weeks, denoting the lack of self-esteem, but I’d like to take a moment and talk to my big sexies.

Like I said in that column, it took me a while to be okay with myself. We have numerous sources telling us we aren’t healthy; we have people who imply that they’d rather be dead than overweight. Kate Moss said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Granted, she said this in 2009 when she was undoubtedly unaware of things like a donut sandwich with bacon, egg and cheese. I’m kidding. I’ve never had one of those, but I bet they taste WAY better than skinny feels.

Do you know what skinny feels like sometimes? I’ve heard it feels like you’re never skinny enough. I once read a book by Mo’Nique, called “Skinny Women Are Evil.” The book gave a pretty realistic depiction of how bigger women – and even men – are viewed by smaller members of society. Now, don’t get me wrong. I have quite a few skinny friends. I think one reason they keep me around is because I’m overly confident and I’m true to myself. Most importantly, it took being criticized as myself to know who I really was. What I’m saying is this, my big sexy lovers, you’ve got to start loving yourself more. I cannot handle seeing anyone else walk past me looking fabulous but looking like someone just kicked your puppy. Smile. You are fabulous too. There’s a method for dressing that is flattering, and I feel that is something that needs further discussion. It recently occurred to me: we have fashion shows periodically, but has there ever been a plus-sized fashion show on campus? I see so many big sexy ladies and gentlemen strutting their stuff all over campus and I feel that they need to be celebrated. Not only celebrated, but brought to the spotlight and shown off for all to see. Now, I may be having some big dreams right now, but I feel this could happen. Until next time, healing’s and blessing’s, y’all.