ObamaCare already causing problems

Amber Porter

A full month has passed since healthcare.gov launched. By now, people should have been able to buy any type of health insurance they wanted because they could do so easily. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Only now are people realizing how badly government control over something so vast could cause problems. The website itself should be allowed to have a few bugs in the beginning, but two months later, there should not be any problems.

On top of the website glitches, insurance agencies began dropping people from their plans by the thousands. This coming after speeches on speeches from the president saying no one’s plans would change. This law was doomed to fail. No insight took place when they were writing it or jamming it through Congress. President Obama wanted to pass his legacy before he realized what it would entail. Thousands of people are without health coverage, which is the exact opposite of what he is trying to accomplish. He apologized and conceded this loss, but said that most people can get better coverage for less. Unfortunately, the process is impeded by the website glitches.

One Louisiana Congressman introduced legislation that would require insurance agencies to reissue health plans and some states are asking agencies to wait until the website could be fixed. Senate Democrats looking at the upcoming election cycle are getting worried. This is the time when all politicians begin listening and pleasing their constituencies as much as possible, and they have a lot to worry about now. As I have said multiple times, people will realize how awful this law is once it is fully implemented. They are now seeing that Democrats have just gone along with the president even though they had bad feelings against it. Some have even asked to delay the law until they can fix everything.

President Obama may have apologized for lying, but he has not come out with any plan to make it any better. All Americans must have health insurance, but how can they when they are being dropped?