Don’t be afraid to get checked

Savannah Rogers

I realized lately I’ve had a craving for calling my friends exceptionally sugary nicknames, in addition to craving a number of sweet things, for that matter. Speaking of sugar, I’ll let you in on this tidbit: November is Diabetes Awareness month. Nearly three years ago, I went to the doctor for a lovely bout of what I found was a hideous mix of tonsillitis and strep throat.

If you can imagine, my tonsils were not runway-ready. I had consumed roughly a gallon of orange juice that day in hopes of making things better. I’d also noticed I was putting Seabiscuit to shame in the bathroom break department. I asked them to check my blood sugar, which wasn’t supposed to be part of the exam. It turned out to be 324. He informed me that sometimes, 500 is a coma. My jaw dropped. I’d always said I was just a bigger gal, but my body wasn’t producing enough insulin to deal with all the sugar I was consuming.

Here’s where we get more personal. I was nearly 400 pounds at the time. Now, I can feel some wide eyes from that, and I’m willing to admit that after cutting sugar completely out for a while, medication and a dedicated team of workout partners (Adrenaline Show Choir), I am now chilling out around 300. I’m continually working on it, and 300 may seem high, but my blood sugar now stays around 120 – between 120 and 140 is ideal for me, said the doc – which pleases me. Hardly anyone sees me use my meter or take my pills, because I’m very private about it. What I don’t want to be private is awareness. If I had not decided to get checked out, I might not be here today. I still have type-2 diabetes, but it’s under control. What I want more than anything is for you guys to be with me on this.

If you have noticed any of the symptoms, which are: frequent trips to the bathroom, being thirsty constantly, feeling fatigued for no reason, excessive weight loss (or gain), frequent infections of any part of the body, cuts or bruises that won’t heal, and the list goes on – get checked. For that matter, if you experience even one of these, go get checked. If caught early, it can be more properly dealt with.

I avoided it, and it could have killed me. Please take the time to take care of yourselves, my sugar biscuits. The song I give you this week is Gabriella Cilmi’s “Sweet About Me”. It’s a cute song, but I mean business, people! Until next time, loves. Healins’ and blessins’, y’all.