The Clubhouse is nothing to rave about

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  • The Clubhouse off of Old Register Road recently renovated its dining area with a new menu and upgraded environment.Photo by: Jessica Stanfield

Lindsay Gaskins


The Clubhouse off of Old Register Road finished the renovation of its dining area this past Friday and with that came new dining options.

The Clubhouse menu offers a surprisingly wide variety of the traditional all-American bar foods. Its full menu list seems to have something for just about everyone.

From those watching their waistline who can choose between three full size salad options, to the topping fanatics who can pile on as many toppings as their heart desires onto burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and pizza.

Along with recently acquiring its liquor license, The Clubhouse has also added gluten-free items to its menu and the ability to customize nearly any item on the menu to become gluten-free.

The Clubhouse offers full size dinner and lunch entrees, like tomahawk chop steak and lemon pepper chicken, both of which come with fries and a vegetable side.

This menu variety, however, would be more impressive if the quality matched the number of options. The Clubhouse does get the basics right, making a pretty decent and tasty pizza that will leave a group of hungry mini-golfers more than satisfied and not complaining.

But with a small pizza starting at $8 it definitely leaves one a little disappointed, no hearty crust or unique specialties here.

There are other items on the menu customers can quickly tell are going to be hit or miss at a place like The Clubhouse. Such as the quesadillas, wings and cheese bread on the appetizer list.

When it comes to more difficult to execute dishes, such as the cheesecake on its dessert menu, The Clubhouse gets it just plain wrong. Mysterious, possibly blonde, hair strands, along with what may or may not have been an ant baked into the crust did not help The Clubhouse’s bland cheesecake.

Overall The Clubhouse offers a wide variety of decent bowling alley food, that is when it doesn’t include unwelcome ingredients, but for the quality it is definitely overpriced.