Ghost Tours to make scares in Statesboro

Charles Rudison

The Averitt Center for the Arts invites students for a night of spine-chilling stories and paranormal happenings around Statesboro with “Ghost Tours.”

“Ghost Tours” will take place tonight and tomorrow night from 6:30-7:30 and 7:45-8:45 at The Averitt Center. Tickets will be sold for $8 at the Averitt Center box office.

“Tour guides will lead participants around downtown Statesboro,” Tim Chapman, executive director for the Averitt Center, said. “They will tell attendees about the history of Downtown Statesboro and ghost stories believed to be true in Statesboro.”

“The tour will be a unique way to get to know Statesboro,” Chapman said. “Tour guides will take you on an exciting journey through Statesboro’s history.”

The idea for “Ghost Tours” started when Statesboro hosted the Georgia Literary Festival in 2010. The Averitt Center originally offered the tour to authors, but it became very popular within the community, and has taken place annually since.

“Our tour will be traveling five places,” Kate Fitch, marketing director for the Averitt Center and lead founder of the event, said.

“We will be traveling to The Beaver House, The Statesboro Inn, The Statesboro Chamber of Commerce, an old cotton warehouse and, of course, the Averitt Center. The Beaver House is the most haunted, with sightings of seven ghosts,” Fitch said.

Character ghosts will also be a part of the tour to add to the ghost stories.

“Ghost from the stories will linger around and add more dramatic effect to the stories,” Fitch said. “Visitors will be introduced to the first mayor of Statesboro, and the founders of the Beaver House. The ghosts loved Statesboro so much they came back from the other side, hopefully you will enjoy Statesboro as much as they did.”

The Averitt Center also plans on educating attendants on the history of Statesboro

“You will learn a bunch of weird things you wouldn’t have otherwise known about Statesboro,” Chapman said. “Brush up on your Statesboro history and learn about ghosts at the same time.”

“The tour has taken place for years now. It has grown each year and I am excited to see this year’s outcome,” Chapman said. “If you decide to attend, you are in for a big treat.”