Letters to the Editor: You have a voice

Have we met?  If you knew the Georgia Southern Eagle Mascot and gave him a “high five” on Womack Field in ’83-’84 or in the Prettiest Little Stadium in America in ’84-85, then the answer is “Yes!”   If you attended the MDA Dance-a-thon or American Heart Association heart Sunday;  if you attended ZTA’s Big Man on Campus Competition in ‘86 or any dozen other philanthropical events, the answer is “Yes!”   If you have eaten BBQ at a GSU away game in Chattanooga, Athens, Charleston, Greenville, Tuscaloosa or Spartanburg, the answer is “Yes!”    If you attended Georgia Southern Alumni BBQs in Atlanta or Statesboro in the ‘90’s and beyond, the answer is “Yes!”  If you have eaten BBQ at Delta Tau Delta’s great American Smoke Out, or Campus Crusade for Christ or the Botanical Garden’s Rhythm and Brews, then the answer is probably “Yes!”.  If you have attended Student Government meetings in the last month, the answer is probably “Yes!”  If you had BBQ at Kevin Anderson’s benefit, or at Statesboro High school’s hurricane Katrina relief fund benefit or at the Abdullah home benefit, then the answer is “Yes!”   And finally, if you have attended any of  Statesboro City Council Meetings or city department head meetings in Statesboro over the last five years, the answer is “YES!”  I am a Georgia Southern graduate, and I am TRUE BLUE!  I understand what it is to be an underfunded, overlooked college student, and I understand what it means to struggle as an entrepreneur operating a small businesses.

I am not the mayoral candidate who tells you that for the first time in my life, I finally have time to engage in public service.   I am the candidate who demonstrates a desire to serve my fellow citizens daily.  I am the candidate that spent weeks on campus recently distributing voter registration forms and asking you to register so that YOUR VOICE could be heard.  I am the candidate who has taken the time to remind you that you reside here and you should vote here.  In short, I am the candidate for Mayor that you already know.  There are 21,000 of you with no representation and 15,000 registered Statesboro voters with five councilmen and a mayor representing them.  I would like to see a student representative on council.  I would like to see a polling place on campus.  I would like to see you downtown.  Please take the time to visit ElectBillThomas.com and see the same on Facebook.  Read about my position on student representation on City Council.  See what others have had to say about me as a person and as a Georgia Southern loyalist.

Then, I would ask you to take yourself to the Courthouse downtown between now and November 1st with a valid photo I.D. and vote your conscience.  Rejoice, you have a voice in this city; let it be heard!  The final day to vote is election day, Tuesday, November 5th.

Thanks for your kind indulgence, and thank you for the love you have shown!

Go Eagles!

Bill Thomas