Fall brings perfect Statesboro date nights

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  • Photo courtesy of: www.sxc.hu

Lilly McCann

Fall is short-lived in the South, especially in Statesboro. There are typically two seasons, summer and winter, and with fall settling in Statesboro so follows the festivities that are perfect for date nights.

1. Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins are inseparable from the fall season. Students looking for a Monday date night idea that combines creativity, cool weather and embracing your inner child, visiting a pumpkin patch may sate those desires. The satisfaction of carving a pumpkin is something that is hard to outgrow. Students can enjoy the fruits of their labor by snacking on roasted pumpkin seeds from a freshly carved masterpiece.

2. Discover the Best Local Pumpkin Flavors

It is no mystery that, for some reason, everything with cinnamon and pumpkin flavors tastes better in the fall. Lattes, pastries, beers, pancakes, the options are endless but the trick is finding the perfect one.

For coffee lovers, Starbucks and Elliano’s offer a variety of coffee concoctions.

“We have a pumpkin white mocha and a pumpkin chai latte. That just took off, but a lot of people like the mocha,” Austin Tadlock, Elliano’s barista said.

For students that haven’t ventured far from the standard Starbucks drink menu, the Pumpkin Spice latte is an incredibly popular choice, Starbuck’s barista Joe Farris said.

“We literally have people ask us year round, ‘When is the pumpkin spice coming back?’ They literally wait all year for these drinks. I love the Pumpkin Spice Latte. It is like a warm pumpkin pie in a cup, perfect for those chilly fall days,” Farris said.

Students looking to satisfy that sweet tooth, Sugar Magnolia Bakery offers pumpkin chocolate mini loaves or Simply Sweet Cakery for pumpkin spiced cookies.

For students looking for something unconventional and with a little kick, Southern Growlers may have just the thing.

“We switch out the kegs constantly, but we normally have seasonal brews on draft. We keep a cider on tap and right now we have New Belgium Pumpkick,” Jamie Carr, Southern Growlers employee, said.

3. Old Freeman Family Farm

The Old Freeman Family Farm, located between Statesboro and Sylvania is a 150-acre farm that offers fun fall festivities all night. Whether you’re looking for a group-date night or just a twist on your regular date night, the Family Farm makes it possible. Students can start by navigating through the 5-acre corn maze, and see which couple, or partner, can make it through first. After, students can snuggle up on a hay wagon that travels through the sights and sounds of the farm, and for the braver ones the farm also offers a Haunted Hay ride.

4.  Kiwanis-Ogeechee Fair

Just like pumpkins, fairs could be considered synonymous with the fall season. Students wishing to have a night filled with playing games, riding rides or eating deep-fried Oreos, the annual five-day fair, beginning Oct. 21, could be the perfect way to spend the evening. Couples could take a ride on the Ferris wheel and have that cliché kiss at the top, or play games at the booths until you win that oversized stuffed animal that only seems in-place at the fair.

5. Wine and Dine

A well-kept secret tucked in the Statesboro countryside; Meinhardt Vineyards and Winery promises to keep the romance running all night long for students looking to wine and dine. Twinkling lights wrapped around rafters match the nighttime stars in their outdoor seating area nestled in the heart of the country. The winery offers free tasting and tours, and is open from 11 a.m.-9 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Students can spend the night tasting the varieties of wine Meinhardt offers, share a cheese plate and have a night under the stars with that special someone.