Do it yourself Halloween costumes

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Alexandra McCray

When it comes to Halloween costumes this year, it seems that saving money and doing it yourself is the ruling theme for Georgia Southern University students.

Though Pinterest and the Internet may be overflowing with clever costume ideas, when it comes to narrowing down a costume that students can actually manage to make without the total cost becoming nearly the same price as a readymade costume, it can be difficult.

“I was thinking about being a police officer. I was going to buy an outfit and make it into a costume because it’s cheaper and I’ve made them in the past,” Cara Warren, freshman biology major said.

Alex Garrett, junior health education and promotion major, said, “I don’t really know what I want to be yet. But I’ve been trying to look on Pinterest. There was one, with a couple, where the guy was a hunter and the girl was the deer. I could use stuff from my own closet and buy some stuff.”

For those who still have no idea what to be for Halloween and are looking for truly last minute costume ideas that require close to no effort and no money. Here are some ideas.

For the guy who finds just the thought of putting together a Halloween costume exhausting here are two ideas.

For Pumpkin Pi, the first costume.  Wear a plain orange shirt or polo, next cut out the pi symbol on a black piece of paper and secure it to shirt.

For the Brawny Man, wear a dark plaid shirt, then grow out some stubble for a few days, and last grab a pack of brawny paper towels.

And here are two ideas for the ladies who would not call themselves the crafty type.

The first costume is Wednesday Adams made easy. All one needs is to wear a black button-down tucked into a black skirt along with two braids and a less-than-smiling face.

For the second costume, all it takes to become Regina George is a white tank top with cut outs, along with a skimpy skirt and strappy heels.

Last but not least here are two ideas for the couples that have decided to coordinate costumes.

Where’s Waldo? Couples edition is the first costume. All that’s needed is a red and white striped shirt, a blue skirt or shorts for the girl and jeans for the guy. Punch out some 3D glasses and grab a red beanie and the costume is complete.

For a true throwback costume, there’s always Mario and Luigi. For the girl to be Mario, all it takes are jean-short overalls, a red shirt, a red hat with an “M,” high socks and converse. For the guy to be Luigi a green-and-white-striped shirt, jeans, a green hat with an “L” and converse.

But if none of these sound appealing, Statesboro super stores have plenty of costumes in stock waiting for last-minute shoppers.