Weak debt ceiling deal

Chris Ware

After 16 days stranded in the political abyss, the politicians finally found their way and re-opened the government. I will not applaud these people for doing what they were supposed to do, and you shouldn’t either. It is imperative that we all realize who is at fault for the mess the nation had to endure for 16 days so we can hold those people accountable.

In my past two articles, I noticed some backlash for calling the Tea Party Republicans “political terrorists” for their obstructive actions led by Ted Cruz and further perpetrated by Speaker Boehner and 30 Tea Party members in the House. Well, I call it like I see it, but I’ll be somewhat sensitive today. I’ll call them tyrants, even though Republicans have repeatedly called President Obama a terrorist, socialist, Muslim and communist all for no reason, but we won’t get to that today. But these tyrants decided to step aside and allow the adults of the government finally make things right.  It is important to note what the Tea Party tyrants gained from their shutdown – absolutely nothing. Sixteen days and $26 billion lost later, the Tea Party walked away empty-handed with the blame being stacked heavily on their side for their selfish antics.

The deal that was reached is not anything to be proud of due to the fact that we will once again go through this entire debate in January of 2014. This deal will further slow our economic growth and decrease consumer confidence. There are also many political implications as well. Seeing as though a huge majority of Americans blame the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party for this mess and we have midterm elections coming up next November, voters will not forget what the Republicans did here in October. In case they do, January 2014 will serve as a reminder to them when we go through this entire process again, which could possibly deliver the House of Representatives back to the Democrats.

One Congressman came out and said he believed President Obama was out to destroy the Republican Party, but the Republicans are doing that all by themselves. They cannot control the Tea Party. They are not proposing any real solutions to curb our debt; they just cost our economy $26 billion (even though they’re supposed to be the experts on “job creation” and the economy). They are not willing to reform immigration laws in a humane way, and they are adamantly opposed to President Obama so much that they would rather sit on their hands instead of trying to make government work. They are ruining themselves and their inability to govern is ruining our republic. It’s the truth. Call me divisive, childish, adding fuel to the fire or whatever else. But at the end of the day, I didn’t shut down the government; I didn’t cause the nation to lose $26 billion. The Tea Party did, and these tyrants should be held accountable for their actions.