Congress sinks to new lows

Brittany Walker

Let me ask you a question. When do you think it is appropriate to get really drunk? If your answer was, “When I have a really important job to do or problem to solve. That’s when I like to get hammered!” you may be an alcoholic avoiding your problems or you are like our members of Congress.

According to reporters around Washington, numerous Congress members have been seen in and out of liquor stores last weekend and walking off the floor of the Congress reeking of booze. A potential crisis looms because our government cannot create and agree upon a viable solution to our broken health care system. But like a spoiled child that gets what they want regardless of their behavior, Congress still got to enjoy their weekend and will still get paid if they fail to reach an agreement.

Ironically, the behavior displayed by Congress is pretty consistent with the behavior patterns of alcoholics and addicts alike. They have problems and difficulties in their life, but instead of facing them they escape into alcohol or drugs. According to, alcoholics also “play the blame game and constantly argue to distract from their own poor behavior.” Sounds pretty spot on to how they are handling this crisis. The comparison here is definitely satirical; I don’t mean to really say Congress is a bunch of alcoholics. The rampant addiction afflicting our government is actually much less tangible than alcohol or drugs. It is an addiction to power. It is that addiction that has us in the mess we are in now.

I say this because the way they are behaving right now is just a big ruse to keep them all in power. Obamacare has flaws. So does our current health care system. Instead of coming up with good legislation like they should have done in the first place, both sides will just argue and both sides will blame each other if they fail. Come next voting season, citizens will vote for whichever side they are gullible enough to believe. Everyone still hates each other, no problems have been solved, but the members of Congress still don’t get fired from their job.

I’m writing this on Sunday, so if the shutdown occurs, I hope it doesn’t affect liquor sales. There will be a lot of American citizens wanting to forget about our failure of a government.