Be organized, not stressed

Savannah Rogers

I’ve realized that in the last few weeks everything has started falling into place. This is the time I like to call “winning.” My apartment looks like a clean person lives there, I don’t have five piles of clean laundry lounging around screaming “LOVE ME VAN. FOLD ME AND PUT ME AWAY!” and I’ve managed to turn in every assignment, project and paper that’s been due. However, the struggle has been abundant. I’m at that stage of admittance where the number of Monsters a single person should consume in a week should not actually match one’s age.

That being said, I’ve been at this college bit a while. I know well that this is the time that, if you haven’t, you should go ahead and make an “Oh Crap” chart. The inevitable chart depicting exactly what you have to get done, by when and how the time around that should be spent. My strongest suggestion is realism. If you don’t have time for happy hour at El Som, honey, you’re not going. There is a reason they don’t serve Margaronas in Club Hendy. I wish to open your eyes to a terrifying fact: there are five weeks left before Thanksgiving. Sure, those of you who are breezing through will likely chuckle at such a fact, but the rest of us in Struggletown, USA are trembling in our britches.

This chart should be different every week, and you should most definitely make time for making sure you’re a presentable human. You should also eat REAL food. No, Ramen is not its own food group. It will make you bloated and you will likely get that “walk of shame” feeling afterwards. This is also the time when stress starts to bully your immune system. Sicknesses is not convenient for anyone, and trust me, no one likes that person: the succubus or incubus of viral plague, coming to class, sneezing and coughing all over everyone. That is just not cute, punkin. So let me get a “hallelujah” to Emergen-C, real food, sleep (not naps) and powering through this plateau that is the awkward part of the semester.

So I present you with a whole album to get you in the kick-books-and-take-notes mode: Panic! at the Disco’s new album “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!” has me in a state of bossing on life. I highly recommend it, and I wish you all the luck with your to-do lists. YOU’VE GOT THIS. Healins and blessins, y’all.