SGA: Students to become part of history

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  • SGA will host a raffle and the winners will be the first to tee off on the new GSU golf course.Photo courtesy of: GSU golf course at University Park

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Tannis Kufner

The Student Government Association (SGA) is hosting a raffle to fund the Eagles for Eagles scholarship program and the winners will become a part of history as the first to tee off on the new Georgia Southern University Golf Course at University Park.

“The raffle closes Monday at 5 p.m. and the winner will be notified October eighth via phone call,” Azell Francis, vice president of academics for SGA, said.

Purchasing a raffle ticket places the purchaser’s name in a drawing to be selected to be the first to play the new course on Oct. 11, according to the Campus Recreation and Intramurals (CRI) website.

Students can purchase raffle tickets for $5 online at the Golf Course at University Park page on the CRI website.

Winners can opt for opening-weekend tee-time if Friday conflicts with their schedule, according to the CRI website.

The winner of the raffle will have access to a golf cart for the entire day as he or she tees off on the new course, Francis said.

One winner will be selected from each of the following categories: student, parent, faculty and staff and alumni and community, according to the CRI website.

The winners will also receive a plaque with their names, which will be placed on site at the golf course, Francis said.

“All proceeds go to support the Eagles for Eagles program which funds student scholarships,” Francis said.

There is not a limit on how many times a name can be placed in the raffle.

“If a student wants to be in there ten times, then they can pay the fifty dollars,” Francis said.

CRI asked SGA to nominate one of its senators to be the one to open the golf course with a first drive, and senior history education major Zac Watson was nominated.

“I have always liked golf,” Watson said. “I’m not the best at it but I think this is a great way to represent SGA and give back to this great university.”