Halloween photos are dangerous

James Farmer

With Halloween upon us, it is the season for people to be photographed doing especially stupid things wearing especially stupid outfits. This is on top of the normally stupid things in the normally stupid outfits that get captured every weekend on GSUProblems. So students have two options if they want to go out this weekend: they can either embrace the fact that they’ll be caught doing something really dumb, or do their best to hide from it.

First things first, your costume will say a good deal on whether or not you’ll get caught being dumb. Do you have an amazing costume that people will want to photograph? Then you should expect to be photographed many times. Are you a reasonably attractive person in an outfit that accentuates your “assets?” You’ll definitely be photographed and probably pretty cold. If your outfits lend to you being photographed, don’t do dumb things. Be remarkably average if you want to be free to be to do what you want.

Once that has been established, you need to see if you are really safe at that party. I’m talking about knowing your party. Are you with a bunch of people who like to be drunken photographers? Or maybe you are with some people who like to lose their phones (and therefore cameras) while intoxicated. Moreover, your friends are a lot more likely to know not to take photos of that keg stand you are doing than a bunch of random people will. So know the people at a party. That actually applies to any party you go to, not just Halloween.

The fact of the matter is that no matter how much fun you want to have, and how much YOLOing you want to do, photos of you doing questionable acts can have a real effect on your employment potential. Imagine the hiring manager at a large firm that you want to work for seeing a photo of you doing a keg stand in what appears to be a superhero costume barely covering anything. Now that’s a horror story for Halloween. Be smart; don’t be dumb, but if you do, avoid photos like the plague.