Greek row trick or treats with community

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Jennifer Arthurs

Families from around Statesboro came out to Greek Row to participate in this year’s Greek Street Trick or Treat.

“The [Greek Street Trick or Treat] event is really driven by the students and it is community driven,” Francisco Lugo, director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, said.

Fraternity and sorority houses had different activities for children to enjoy ranging from inflatable houses to haunted houses for children. The event is held annually on Greek Street since 1997 to provide a safe environment for many families of Statesboro to take children to treat or trick.

“The entire Greek community participated in the trick or treat event. Even if the organization did not have a house on Greek Row, several organizations teamed up to have fun activities for the community to enjoy,” Lugo said.

People from both the community and the university come to Greek Street to enjoy the festivities, Lugo said.

The fraternity Kappa Sigma had a haunted house set up within their house for children to go through along with providing candy and a charity raffle.

“The best part about this for us is showing the community that we’re more than just a fraternity house on Greek Row,” Brice Kinerd, Kappa Sigma member, said.

”We’re better than that. We just like to see the kids come in. Whenever different sorority girls come through we ask all bring can food. That’s another way we try to support charity,” Kinerd said.

Katy Stocus, president of Kappa Kappa Gamma, has enjoyed the interaction with the community through this event since she joined Kappa Kappa Gamma five years ago.

“I really enjoy seeing the kid’s faces when they come through,” Stocus said. “Some of them look so scared because they don’t like to go up to people and ask for candy but they get so happy when you give them the candy. And [the event] gets the community involved.”

Many families enjoy the festivities provided for their children. One of the many reasons that families keep coming back to the event is safety.

“Its fun to interact with the colleges students, and it’s a good time,” Judith Oglesby of Statesboro said. She said it is a safe environment for her 4-year-old son to get treats.

Laney Davis of Statesboro brought her younger daughter to the event for the first time after her daughter, who is a senior at Georgia Southern University, told her about it.

The event was a cool idea for the fraternities and the sororities to interact with the community, Davis said.

The future of the event will see an increase of promotion to the community. Instead of relying on a few promotions, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life are planning to reach out more to the community.

“The goal is to really be more, have more information available for the public,” Lugo said. “Just publicizing even little more.”