Comedy trilogy goes out with a bang

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  • Graphic by: Brittni Favorite

Peyton Callanan

There are a few great directors and actors in the comedy world that seem to bring the

out the best in each other while simultaneously making bank at the box office.

Will Ferrell (“Elf”) would be nowhere without “Step Brothers” director Adam McKay

(“Anchorman”) nor would Seth Rogen (“Pineapple Express”) or any of his friends without

writer-director Judd Apatow (“Knocked Up”).

The third installment of the across-the-pond duo of Simon Pegg (“Star Trek”) and

director Edgar Wright (“Scott Pilgrim vs World”). the proved again that sequels don’t

always fall flat with their latest film “The World’s End”. Their movies may not break any

box office records, but their perfectly off beat genre comedies always seem to develop a

strong cult following.

Pegg started this summer off beaming up Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S.

Enterprise. He is always a welcomed form of comic relief in big-budget action films, but

he is truly at his best when he’s starring in a comedy crafted around his unique brand of

British nerd comedy.

The movie finds Pegg’s character Gary King, the drunken version of Pegg’s normal

perpetual loser character, trying to relive his high school glory days by forcing his

childhood friends to finish an impossible pub crawl called “The Golden Mile” in their

hometown. Things take a turn for the supernatural when the friends realized the

residents of the town are hiding something.

It’s easy to compare “The World’s End” to other recent films like “The Hangover Part III”,

the similarly titled and themed “This is the End” and even Tom Cruise’s “Oblivion”, but

the quick paced yet heartfelt dialog and fantastic chemistry between Pegg and his

longtime sidekick Nick Frost sets it far apart.

Pegg and Wright have made a name for themselves by turning well-known movie genres

into madcap comedies full of endlessly clever dialog and wonderfully colorful characters.

They fought zombies in “Shaun of the Dead” and played bad cop in “Hot Fuzz.”

“The World’s End” continues this pattern by mashing together a typical buddy comedy with an

apocalypse film. No matter how silly the plot, Pegg and Wright take their viewers on a wildly funny

journey every time. Hopefully “The World’s End” is not the end for this great comedy duo.