How to: Fall fashion edition

Kimeko McCoy

Fall in Statesboro means auburn colored leaves falling from trees, pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks and much cooler weather.

With that cooler weather students will have the opportunity to sport warmer colors, layers, boots and hats.

Fashion Menagerie, one of Georgia Southern University’s student organizations, keeps up with the latest trends and offers advice to GSU students.

Summer generally requires less clothing in order for students to stay cool in the Statesboro heat, but Fashion Menagerie President Angel Harmon says layers are best for the fall.

“I suggest layering up, whether thick or lightweight, for the fall weather,” Harmon said.

Faux wool or tweed blazers help in the layering process and can be used for both guys and girls, Harmon said. Puffer jackets and varsity jackets also work well for layering.

Another thing to keep in mind while dressing for fall weather is accessories.

It is good to have at least one trench coat that is preferably a deep navy blue, black or beige, Harmon said. Unisex dress and items, like watches and bracelets, are definitely in style this season.

Another fashion-oriented organization on GSU campus is D.I.M.E.S. The group is made up of six branches that come together to give students and members a rounded vision for fashion.

Production, public relation, multimedia, fashion, modeling and cosmetology are all of the components that come together and are shared at each general body meeting for an all around fashion understanding.

“Since fall is coming up, a lot of people are starting to wear a lot of boots, scarves and fall colors,” D.I.M.E.S. vice president, Raven Taylor, said.

The runway is a good place to scout out ideas for possible outfits.

“Something you see on the runway, you can take it and change it to make it your own style and it can become something totally new,” Taylor said.

For accessories, Taylor said it is best to wear a statement piece.

“If your outfit is simple, wear statement jewelry to spice it up a bit,” Taylor said.

Aside from clothing fashion, the organization also focuses on makeup. Fall makeup is different from summer makeup, Taylor said.

“Some people don’t know you need two foundations,” Taylor said. “One for summer and one for fall because your skin will change tone.”

Regardless of you style, gender or budget, campus can be a runway. Layers, natural colors and runway ideas can show personality and make common things a unique creation this fall.