Why Superman vs. Batman shouldn’t happen

Wells is a senior english major from Bainbridge. She is the current copy chief.

Anna Wells

With the recent casting of Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader, the pop culture world has been abuzz with speculation about the untitled Superman vs. Batman film. However, there are more problems with this film than one of the title actors, so it is time to put your discrepancies with Affleck aside, because there are several reasons why this movie should not be made at all.

Reason number one: Zack Snyder. After watching several Zack Snyder movies (“300,” “Immortals,” “Man of Steel”) I have began to wonder how much Snyder values special effects over plot.  While I enjoyed the first two hours of “Man of Steel”, the excessive explosions and wreckage that occurred in the last half hour of the movie made me wonder when the fight scene was going to end.  Sure, Superman saved the world but he also cost trillions of dollars in tax damage to Metropolis that might just end the world anyways.  I’m glad that your budget is huge, Snyder, but give me some character depth and plot, and then we can talk.

Reason number two: Superman is not the ideal superhero. Here’s one of the main problems with Superman. Because he is not of this planet he has no earthly weaknesses.  There is no in between with Superman; he can’t just be a regular guy.  Instead, Superman is either a god who can’t be stopped, or he’s just some wimpy dude who has lost all his powers to a rock, aka kryptonite.  But what about General Zod you say? Jokes on you because Superman snapped his neck (which was more than troublesome), and alas the last foe that might have been equal to Superman was defeated.  This fight between Batman and Superman might last about five minutes, because Superman is either going to rip Batman into pieces or Batman will just lock Superman in a vault of kryptonite for all eternity. Either way, it just doesn’t work.

Finally, the last problem with this movie is the same problem “The Avengers” now has.  When “Iron Man 3” came into theaters, the plot could have easily been solved with the emergence of the Hulk, and no, that isn’t an original thought, but it still merits value.  When the movie ends, and Batman and Superman somehow end up friends, why can’t they call each other up the next time one is in trouble?  If this Justice League movie ends up being made, then it will have the same problem as well.

Enjoy the superhero movie trend while it lasts, because it can’t keep the general interest of the public forever, and in the meantime, I’ll keep watching “The Dark Knight” and laughing at all these other sub-par hero movies.