Why ‘Superman versus Batman’ can work

Anna Wells

“Superman vs. Batman” is a film that could be one of the biggest disasters or greatest superhero movies to hit the big screen.  There has already been a lot of drama about this film and it hasn’t even begun shooting, which seems a bit premature because while lots of things could go wrong, lots of things could also go right, and if that happen it could also (hopefully) put DC back in competition with a very strong Marvel franchise.  So let’s slow down with your Affleck insults and take some time to examine why Batman vs. Superman could end up being a film worth watching.

One aspect of this film I find intriguing is the two characters.  Superman and Batman are polar opposites of each other, and if it holds true that Batman is going to be aged and learned, then the two counterparts will be even more set apart.  It’s almost like a buddy-cop scenario. The two are going to have to overcome their differences to work together, and while this scenario might seem overplayed, it always works.  In addition, Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent will work together as well, because while Wayne is a celebrity, Kent is anything but, and this situation could work to their advantage. Wayne could buy The Daily Planet if he wanted to and use Kent to infiltrate the sordid crime world where the two heroes like to play.

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill are both solid actors that will be able to carry these two roles.  While “Daredevil” might have been one of the corniest superhero movies ever made (besides “Batman and Robin” of course), Affleck has established himself well since 2003, and if he beefs up a bit he will be a great fit for Batman.  Cavill was impressive as the brooding Superman, so between the two actors this film has been well casted.  Heck, maybe even Affleck should have also been hired as the director, but I digress.