UPB releases semester schedule

Erinn Williams

Students now have the chance to see a variety of different movies before they hit the shelves as the University Programming Board brings unreleased movies to block parties on Fridays.

The Late Night Committee of UPB is known for showing a free movie that is not out in stores yet every Friday.

“After the Block Party we have a movie outside on a blow up screen. We had never had an outdoor movie at Paulson before but having it there gets people more pumped and brings out the community. It gives us an opportunity to see a different aspect of campus,” Shatise Smith, spirit and traditions chair for UPB and sophomore public relations major, said.

A variety of movies have been shown by UPB including “Now You See Me” and “The Great Gatsby,” which were shown in the last two weeks.

“We go through a media company by the name of Swank Entertainment. They send us the movies through a digital download or a rented physical copy that only works for a specific amount of time,” Steven Dziama, late night committee chair for UPB and senior management major, said.

“The UPB Late Night Programming Committee looks through the available movies in the company’s database and then brings them to the general body meeting where we vote on the four or five that will be shown that month,” Dziama said.

Movies have previously been shown in the Russell Union or at Sweetheart Circle but this semester the Friday movie series has been moved to Allen E. Paulson Stadium and is shown right after the tailgate block parties.

“We decided to make the movies part of the block parties so that we do not have to compete with ourselves by having the movie series and the block party going on at the same time,” Dziama said.

The movie UPB will be showing this Friday is “Man of Steel” at the Outdoor Block Party at Paulson Stadium.

It is advertised to start at 8 p.m. but they plan to show it whenever it becomes dark to allow student to have the best visual movie experience possible.

Rebecca Pollack, president of UPB and junior psychology major, said, “Having the movies and block parties at Paulson gets the GSU spirit higher. It also allows us to have partnerships with the athletic teams so that we can have a collaborative effort in pumping people up for the games.”