Statesboro remembers the fallen

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  • Photo by: Ryan Woodham

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Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle gathered Statesboro’s first responders to thank them in the Springhill Suites Conference Center yesterday.

“We pause to remember those who are fallen, but we also pause to say thank you for demonstrating this great act of service,” Cagle said.

Republican Senator Jack Hill also spoke and gave his testimony on 9/11 and how it has affected America.

“Everyone remembers where they were on 9/11,” Hill said.

“We couldn’t believe what happened. Now not a day goes by that we don’t have something serious happen.

Cagle said he has great respect for the jobs of the first responders. He compared them to Jonathan of the Bible, who helps king David. Like Jonathan, they received little to no appreciation for their service and Cagle desired to show them the appreciation that they deserved.

Cagle also encouraged the first responders to continue to hold on to the great foundations this country was built on. Hold on to the principles of love and friendship so that America can continue to be a great nation, Cagle said.

“The simplest way is to just say thank you and show sincere appreciation to the young men and women who give themselves in this service,” Cagle said.

GSU’s Young Americans for Freedom decorated the ground around the flagpole on Sweetheart Circle with American flags to honor the first responders.

Several students visited the sight to honor and remember the fallen and first responders.

Cara McDargh, sophomore business major, said she appreciates the time someone took place the flags because her father was a first responder in San Bernardino, California.

San Bernardino was ranked as the 18th most dangerous city in 2004 by the Comunidad Segura, an organization which seeks to create human security.

“I am very appreciative of it. I have a family member and my fiancée are both in the military and I can understand how the people who lost someone feel,” Dori Johnston, senior studio art major, said.

Kathleen Wilson, junior engineering major, liked the memorial, but wished that the tribute were closer to the Russell Union rotunda for more people to see.

Students believe that the first responders need more acknowledgement for their past deeds as well as today.

Kathryn Lengel, senior psychology major, said, “It is a small way to show appreciation and to show respect for their sacrifice. They deserve more than this, but it is the least we can do.”