Letters to the Editor: The gap between students and residents needs to be narrowed

There’s a disconnect between Georgia Southern students and the townspeople of Statesboro. We are treated as if we don’t matter and we don’t have a voice. The locals rarely give praise for the good things many of us students do and they look down on us when a few of us make a mistake. The problem arises from students not being registered to vote in Statesboro. But the student population at Georgia Southern does matter and we do have a voice! We have an opportunity to have a voice louder than locals of Statesboro.

There is an election on Nov. 5 for Mayor of Statesboro. I’m asking ALL students to get registered to vote IN Statesboro by Oct. 7 at the courthouse and on Election Day, GO VOTE!

We have to be involved in the community for our voices to be heard. Students’ water gets shut off more than any other group of people in Statesboro, even when locals have unpaid water bills for thousands of dollars like the Statesboro Herald reported on August 13, 2013. That’s only one way we are taken advantage of. When a student gets towed at the University Plaza we pay over $100. When a local gets towed it’s around $40. Get registered, GO VOTE! We do have a voice and OUR voices will be heard!

Hayden C. Thomas

Senior marketing major