New Academic Standing Policy in full swing

Tannis Kufner

Regulations are in full effect this semester for the Undergraduate Academic Standing Policy (ASP) at Georgia Southern University.

The policy began in fall 2011, but it finally came into full effect fall 2013, according to the ASP catalogue online.

According to the academic catalogue, a student whose total institution GPA falls below 2.0 at the end of a semester will be subject to the new ASP.

This policy includes levels of a warning 1 (W1), probation 1 (P1), exclusion 1 (E1), warning 2 (W2), probation 2 (P2) and exclusion 2 (E2).

Students begin at W1 once the student’s GPA falls below the required 2.0.

“In 2011 everyone [in poor academic standing] started at Warning 1 which means three semesters later, students are now facing exclusion 1 for the year,” Azell Francis, vice president of academics for the Student Government Association, said.

Students then have one semester to bring up their GPA or they will face the next level, P1, according to the academic catalogue.

An important factor of the policy is that once a student reached E1, they are not allowed to take classes at GSU for one academic year, Francis said.

According to the ASP, “Once readmitted, a student will be allowed to continue a maximum of three semesters of enrollment if his/her total institutional GPA remains below a 2.0.”

During these three semesters the student will be placed on W2, P2 and finally E2 if the GPA does not rise above 2.0, Francis said.

If a 2.0 GPA cannot be raised in those three semesters, the student will be unable to take classes at GSU for five years, according to the academic catalogue.

Other universities in Georgia such as Valdosta State University have similar academic policies.

The exception, however, is that during each individual semester, students have to maintain a GPA based on the hours they are attempting, according to VSU’s Academic Probation and Suspension Policy.

For a student attempting one to 29 hours, he or she must maintain a cumulative GPA of 1.6.

A 1.75 GPA is required for the student attempting 30 to 59 hours.

If a student is attempting 60 to 89 hours, a GPA of 1.9 is necessary.

Finally, for the student attempting 90 hours to graduation, a 2.0 GPA is required.

According to the GSU online catalogue, students must keep up with their academic standing throughout their time at GSU before they are faced with exclusions, because once they reach exclusion they are unable to appeal their case.

Patrice Jackson, dean of students, said, “Be aware of the policy before it’s too late to appeal.”