‘Breaking Bad’ to break ahead in Emmys

Anna Wells

The 2013 Emmy Awards take place this Sunday, and the nominations for the 2013 Primetime Emmys have been released.

With the ever-increasing talent brought to primetime television shows, the competition between the high profile shows have increased as well, bringing us some of the greatest television to date.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what to expect for the 2013 Emmys and who the frontrunners of certain categories should be.

Outstanding Drama Series

Between “Breaking Bad,” “Mad Men” and “Downton Abbey,” this classification is packed with talent, but based on what I’ve seen so far from the various series in this category, I can’t help but pick the expected and choose “Breaking Bad” as my favorite for this one.

“Mad Men” brought some great scenes and cinematography, but the season as a whole seemed to lose itself in certain episodes, and “Downton Abbey” is fantastic as well, but is a bit lofty and less relatable than Vince Gilligan’s “Breaking Bad.”

“Game of Thrones” believes that one outstanding episode is enough to get us through eight plodding episodes of set-up, and “Homeland” cares way more about Brody and Carrie than I ever will.  While “House of Cards” was surprising for a Netflix series, it needs to establish itself with another season in order to get this coveted prize.

“Breaking Bad” is simply breaking ahead and truly deserves this award.

Outstanding Actor in a Supporting Role

“Breaking Bad’s” Aaron Paul is constantly outstanding as Jessie (Yo, b****!), but I believe that this award belongs to the surprising performance by Bobby Cannavale as Sicilian gangster Gyp Rosetti in HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.”

While “Boardwalk Empire” might not be the most-watched show out there, Cannavale stole the show for the series’ 12 episodes and established himself as the only foe that Jersey gangster Nucky Thompson couldn’t handle on his own.  Just FYI this is a guy who buried a man up to his neck in sand, and instead of letting him drown, he “mercifully” bashed his head in with a shovel instead.

If you decide to watch “Boardwalk Empire” for nothing else, watch it for season three and Gyp Rosetti.

Outstanding Miniseries Or Movie

This is an interesting category with cult favorite “American Horror Story: Asylum,” History Channel’s “The Bible” and HBO’s “Behind the Candelabra.” We seem to have a little bit of everything.

History’s “The Bible” was a miniseries that not only gave a human element to classic Bible tales, but it also captured the lifestyle of ancient Mesopotamia. The series featured stories about King David, which was the best in my opinion, Samson and Delilah and, of course, the New Testament stories.

The History Channel might have produced the series, but Jesus’s walk down the Via Dolorosa was just as hard to watch as it was during Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.”

My only gripe with the series is that I wished there had been more episodes, which is always a good complaint.

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series 

If you were to consider any of the Emmy categories the “best,” this is probably the one. From Bryan Cranston as the conflicted Walter White to Jeff Daniels as the snarky Will McAvoy, this category is chock-full of talent.

While some believe that “Mad Men” has run its course, I think it’s time for John Hamm to finally bring home the bacon for his portrayal of the mysterious Don Draper. Some people might watch “Mad Men” for its flawless period exposé of NYC in the 60s, but it is Don Draper that keeps bringing you back to watch more.

Just when you think you have Draper figured out, he does something else that throws you for a loop (remember, he was “comforting” Mrs. Rosen).  Draper is the role of Hamm’s lifetime, and it’s high time he received the Emmy that has eluded him for so long.