Grammar can make you or break you

Kimeko McCoy

Grammar is an important part of the English language. It allows one to express thoughts and opinions in a manner that would make it understandable for others. For most of us, expressing thoughts and opinions is important but expressing them in a manner that portrays intelligence is a different story.

For example,

“Let’s eat Grandma.”

“Let’s eat, Grandma.”

See what I did there? In the first sentence, the speaker is stating that they would like to eat their grandmother. In the second sentence, the speaker is telling their grandmother that it is time to eat. The simple comma that is in the sentence is important. It’s essentially the difference between one being an advocate of cannibalism and one being a grandchild helping their grandmother eat.

Some may not see the difference between your and you’re as important. Let’s cure that with another example.

“Feeling your nuts.”

“Feeling you’re nuts.”

In the first sentence we have the speaker stating that they are touching an intimate part of their body. Most likely, the speaker is having a conversation with another person making the sentence very inappropriate. If we create an example conversation, we can take a closer look.

“Studying for this test is driving me crazy.”

“I understand. Feeling your nuts?”

That escalated quickly. This conversation went from a friendly conversation to sexting. The second sentence of that example would lead to the rest of the conversation being normal.

There are plenty of other examples that I could use to attempt to explain the importance of using English correctly but that would take up an entire page and then some.

So instead I’ll leave you with this. Using correct grammar can be the difference between one being a well-spoken person and one being a cannibal who likes to talk dirty.