“A.M.†is the next party album

Lindsay Gaskins

One of country’s hottest up and coming artists, Chris Young, released his new album “A.M.” last week, and it was well worth the wait.

Young is not by any means new to the Nashville circuit, having won the singing competition Nashville Star in 2006 and then releasing his debut album later that year. It was not until this past year, however, that he has become better known, opening for Brad Paisley on his “Beat This Summer Tour 2013.”

His newest album opens with “Aw Naw,” a fast-paced, just-trying-to-have-a-good-time kind of song. “Aw Naw” just so happens to also be his first single from the album and it is obvious as to why.

This song basically sums up the life of 90 percent of GSU’s student population. It starts out with Young trying to leave the bar early because of work in the morning. However, the Patrón is pulled out and the rest of the night is history.

This is the tone that is carried throughout most of the album with songs like “We’re gonna find it tonight,” “Nothing but the cooler left” and “A.M.” Each of these songs brings something to the table the previous one does not. While they all are similar in message, it is apparent Young puts his own little twist to make each one original and makes the listener beg for more.  His deep, dreamy voice doesn’t hurt anything either.

The lesser percentage of the album is devoted to falling in love, and, let’s face it, college kids are not about the sappy, can’t-live-without-you love songs. But songs from this album like “Hold you to it” and  “Who I am with you” are so upbeat, listeners will completely forget the sappiness of them and just start dancing in the seat of their cars.

Overall, this album comes at the perfect moment of Young’s career. If anything, “A.M.” will not only increase his stardom drastically, but it will continue for a very long time. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon.