GSU in its first phase of AED installation

Cydney Long


Georgia Southern University is implementing a program to install Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) around campus, according to a message from the dean of students sent out yesterday.

The GSU AED Campus Program is in its first phase and is placing AEDs in buildings across campus.

The AEDs will be placed in white cabinets along the wall. The buildings that contain units will have stickers on the front doors.

Medical training is not required to use an AED because the device is designed to guide the user through the steps of its operation, according to the message.

The program encourages private funding and donations to be used to purchase AEDs.

The College of Business Administration received a donated AED on May 7 by the family of Cory Wilson.

Cory Wilson was a junior business major at GSU who collapsed in class and died on Jan. 17.

“It is our hope that this defibrillator placed [in COBA] in Cory’s memory will one day serve as a lifesaver for another student, parent or staff member,” Lisa Wilson, Cory’s mother, said in a news release.

The AEDs will only deliver a shock when necessary.

Under Georgia’s Good Samaritan Law, individuals that assist a victim during a medical emergency are protected from being liable for injury or death caused to the victim during the emergency.

The dean of students will send out a map of AED locations and a tutorial on how to use the device.