Hunter Cattle to celebrate farming heritage

Alexandra McCray

For the past three years the family owned business Hunter Cattle has held an entire day of events to celebrate the rich heritage of farming, and this year will be no exception.

On Sept. 21 from 10 a.m to 5 p.m Hunter Cattle will be hosting its Farm Heritage Day.

At some of the events and activities guests can expect include live music, food catered by local restaurants and learning about farming heritage and traditions through various demonstrations, Kristan Fretwell, Hunter Cattle employee, said.

The demonstrations and explanations aim to inform attendees of Statesboro’s long history with traditional agriculture techniques, as well as educate them on where their food comes from.

“People may not know that Bulloch County has a 100-year-old granite stone mill making real grits and corn meal by the Freeman family. Or that men like Paul Thompson are keeping the craft of blacksmithing alive,” Fretwell said.  “Local honey producer B & G Honey may explain that it takes 36 bees their entire lives to produce one tablespoon of honey.”

Hunter Cattle will also be offering a farm wagon tour, horse and pony rides, pig races and more for $3 extra.

“I like to volunteer with the horse and pony rides, because I really like horses, and I think it’s really fun to see all the excitement on the little kids faces,” Mary Parton, a junior education major and frequent Hunter Cattle volunteer, said.

Georgia Southern University students are no strangers to Hunter Cattle. Students are familiar with the on-campus farmer’s market where they are able to get a variety of vegetables and other farm goods. Hunter Cattle hopes to continue to reach out and educate GSU and the Statesboro community about good farming practices.

“Most people never have an opportunity to experience a farm first hand, so we offer an up-close experience called Fall Farm Day. As many people may know, our farm is deeply committed to educating people about good farming practices,” Fretwell said.

For guests looking for a more hands-on experience, mill grinding, goat milking and pottery spinning will be just a few of the demonstrations available for attendees.

“The foundation of our farm is to produce healthy and humanely raised beef, pork, lamb and poultry. We feel that while we showcase the surrounding farms and craftsmen, we are also able to showcase what we do here at Hunter Cattle,” Fretwell said. “What a better way to connect with everyone than to have a wonderful fun filled and educational day on the farm.”

Pre-ordered tickets will cost $5 per person and $25 for a family of three or more children and two adults. The day of the event, tickets will cost $7 per person and $35 per family.