First week observations

Rogers is a super senior theatre major from Eufaula, Al.

Savannah Rogers

I don’t know about you, but last week was a daunting hot mess. This week has been a lot of awkward parking situations, figuring out what is happening with this weather and questioning my life choices (leggings…not even jeggings…the shame). If that wasn’t enough I feel like we all feel some kind of way from the VMAs. Let’s just all agree that Miley isn’t allowed to wear rubber underwear anymore, but I wanted to see her twerk; I’ll be real.

As a theatre major, I’ve done a good bit of observing my scene partners and random people walking around on campus. If you need to breathe and take a study break sometime, go outside and sit anywhere that there is moderate pedestrian traffic. People-watching is one of the most entertaining things you can do to relax or pass the time. Don’t have a creeper face on and glare at them like a piece of meat though. The fresh air and ambiance don’t hurt either. Feel free to even take notes or do quick sketches. You’re totes welcome.

Let’s get some knowledge on the table. I’m going to lay some bits on you about the RAC. This is another way to successfully avoid the Freshman 15, Sophomore 25, Junior Plateau or Senior Struggle. Don’t look now, but they have a sauna. No joke. I’ve decided that my cardio this semester will be comprised of learning ImmaBeast’s choreo from YouTube and going to the RAC on Sundays, running until I die, tickling the elliptical with my tootsies, then taking myself to the sauna and sweating out the toxins. I realize it’s just one day, but I feel if you ease into activities, there’s less of a chance of quitting. I am dedicating to this life. Maybe if I write that I’m going to do it, I actually will. I will gladly be your motivation. Don’t be afraid; embrace it. These are the healins and blessins (of our lives?).