Student Media can help students achieve more

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  • Farmer is a senior journalism major from Cordele Ga. She is the current Editor-in-Chief of The George-Anne.

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Fall semester is here; for some it’s the last, for others the first, and for most it’s somewhere in the middle.

Here at The George-Anne, we’re constantly making changes and improvements even though most are imperceptible to the average eye.  To help those improvements develop, Student Media recruits at the beginning of every semester.

I’m sure you see where I’m going with this now, but hear me out.

Just like any other student organization on campus, Student Media is a way to get involved and meet tons of people. I no longer have classes without at least five or so coworkers and acquaintances.

The thing that sets Student Media apart from many other organizations is the fact that its members aren’t just members; they’re workers doing jobs that, according to many, are much more than the average part-time job.

The real-word experience offered at Student Media is vast and varied. We are in the business of giving people with no experience something practical for their resumes, and we accept students of any age in any major.

Along with the job experience, The George-Anne and the several other Student Media publications serve as the voice of the student body and appreciate and encourage student and community input.

Student Media operates with five distinct divisions: The George-Anne, Production, Marketing, Business and Magazines. Those interested in reporting, magazines and marketing start out in our ever-successful Candidate Program.

Tryouts for the program will be held at the beginning of next week at various times in the Williams Center. Be sure to check out Student Media’s Facebook and Twitter pages for specific times and locations.

For those interested in photography, design or video contact our production manager, Jose Gil, at Those interested in the business and advertising side can contact the business manager, Chloe Douglas, at

Whether you come try out for The George-Anne or not, I sincerely encourage every student to become involved in something, anything.  Find something that interests you, try something you never thought of before and make the most of your short time at Georgia Southern University.