Fall shows come back to primetime

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  • Photo courtesy of: www.abc.com

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Kimeko McCoy

The fall season will be in full effect in a few short weeks and that means television is going to get better. It has been a painful couple of months for those waiting for the popular shows of the small screen to come back. Returning shows will come hopefully back bigger and better to keep up with the action, drama and comedy from the previous seasons.

There are plenty of shows to pick and choose from that are suited to a variety of tastes for a variety of audiences. Drama shows like “The Walking Dead” keep viewers on pins and needles at the closing of every episode while competitive shows like “The Voice” keep viewers coming back to see who is moving up and who is going home.

Other big names in fall television have audiences excited and ready to dim the lights and bring the popcorn.

Two of the biggest names in television are back. “Dancing with the Stars” is on their seventeenth season. Stars dancing this year will have their names announced on  “Good Morning America” next Wednesday. The premiere date for the show is Monday, Sept. 16 on ABC. The other big name is “Grey’s Anatomy” which has a running of ten seasons, including the current season. “Grey’s Anatomy” will air on Thursday, Sept. 26 on ABC.

These shows are established and have a loyal following as they air each week of the season but there are four new series that are gaining more popularity with each season.

“Modern Family”- When two families come together, there is mischief to be had.  Season four concluded with a death in the modern family. Grandma Gracie Dunphy, a character that the audience has not met, dies and the entire family flocks to Florida in mourning. Grandma Dunphy, however, has one final wish. She wants her newly widowed husband to get with a neighbor and Phil puts that plan into action. Upon doing this, grief sets in on the whole family. Will the modern family pull through? “Modern Family”- Season 5 Premieres Wednesday Sept. 25 on ABC

“Scandal”- Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope has a big job. She must protect and keep the secrets and reputations of America’s most elite. This is all until she ends up with a secret of her own. Olivia has been in a secret affair with the president of the United States. After coming to terms with the fact she could not work with President Grant because it could put both of their lives in jeopardy, she opened her own crisis management firm with her own staff. Season two ends with Olivia entangled in a romantic relationship with President Grant’s friend, Jake. It turns out Jake has been working for Olivia’s father, the mysterious Rowan. Cue jaw drop. “Scandal”- Season 3 Thursday Oct. 3on ABC

“The Walking Dead”- After waking up in a world no longer presented as it was, the remaining survivors must pull together and evaluate if the real threat is zombies or themselves. Season three wraps up with Philip Blake, otherwise known as “the Governor”, being what may be the biggest threat of the show yet. Survivor Andrea is captured and that is when Officer Rick Grimes gets involved.  There is a showdown (Woodbury/ Prison) and at the end, Andrea is dead and the Governor is missing in action. Most likely, The Governor will be back. “The Walking Dead”- Season 4 Sunday Oct. 13 on AMC

“Awkward”- The show follows teen Jenna Hamilton through her trials and triumphs of secretly dating a popular guy, mean girls and misunderstanding parents all after going through an accident. At the end of season three, Jenna betrays her beau, Matty, who has been the perfect boyfriend from the very beginning. Her crush, Collin, is getting in the way of what she is feeling for Matty. His face also got in the way of hers and they kissed. Passionately. What does this mean for Matty and Jenna? What does this mean for Collin and Jenna? Will she pick one and leave the other? “Awkward”- Season 3 Tuesday Oct. 22 on MTV