GSU gives advice for safe drinking

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  • As the first weekend of the school year approaches, GSU gives tips on how to drink safely.File Photo

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Lilly McCann

With the first weekend of the Fall 2013 semester getting off the ground tonight, students are expected to venture out after a slow first week back to class.

While going hard is a tempting way to forget the stress of a tough syllabus week, there are alternatives that don’t involve arrests and marks on your driver’s license.

If you choose to distress at the bar, at a house party or even by yourself, there are a few steps you can take that will make your weekend safe and enjoyable. Take it from these Eagles:

Public Safety Officer Charles Bowen, Office of Public Safety

“Women should be extra careful about drinks, always order directly from the bar.”

“Always have a sober driver. One drink is too much to be driving,”

Dr. Andrea Poling, German professor

“Since some of those going out are under age, I would strongly discourage it. But if they are drinking I would caution anybody, especially the girls, from drinking to the point of passing out because it leaves them very vulnerable.”

Kristen Fisher, senior, bartender at Retrievers Sports Bar and Grill

“When you go out you be sure to have a plan. Always have the number for the Blue Goose, Boro DD or a taxi written down and in your wallet even when a friend says they will DD. Things happens and it is always good to have a back up.”

“Keep track of how many drinks you have, whether you put beer tops in your pocket or stack cups, just make sure you don’t go over your limit.”

“Keep your drink in your hand at all times. Never set it down and look away and never let someone hold it for you.”

Jamie Helms, senior, history

“Basically, know your limit. Make your own drinks, use the buddy system and have a way home.”

Laura Ball, junior, psychology

“I think it’s important to have a friend with you that you trust if you’re going to a party because you never can know what other people’s intentions are.”

Greg Foggitt, sociology major, works at Dingus MaGees

“Take it slow, no need to be the drunkest person in the bar.”

Matt Herman, graduate student, DJ Hurricane

“Eagle Nation knows it is possible to have a few drinks in a safe way and still have fun.”

“Before the evening starts determine not to exceed a certain number of drinks. Make sure never to consume alcohol on an empty stomach.”

“If there is one thing I want to stress to Eagle Nation that is to designate a sober driver when going out or take a taxi home. Set aside $5 in a pocket from your other money, walking home can be very dangerous.”