Aspen Heights delay calls for resident relocation

Tannis Kufner

Aspen Heights’ original move-in date, Aug. 1, was pushed back two weeks, causing 250 residents to stay in hotels or at home in the meantime.

The construction delay was due to “extreme amounts of rainfall in the Southeast and pushed one section of the neighborhood further and further back,” Stuart Watkins, director of public relations for Aspen Heights, said.

Garret Manley, a sophomore computer science major and Aspen Heights resident, was first notified in mid-July about the delayed move-in date.

“They were extremely apologetic,” Manley said.

When Manley last spoke to Aspen Heights in June the apartments were ahead of schedule, but complications due to weather caused the setback.

“This was a first for Aspen Heights.As of now, all residents are moved in and there are no more delays of construction,” Watkins said.

Even though there was a delay, residents have already paid August rent. Aspen offered the option to stay in a hotel and receive a $250 gift card.

“For those who did not chose to stay in the hotel, they received a $500 gift card,” Manley said.

Justin Fernander, a sophomore business marketing major and Aspen Heights resident, decided to choose the $500 gift card, which he is applying to his rent.

Fernander said that he set up his apartment quickly and does not see the delay as a distraction to the beginning of his sophomore year.

“When I found out, I was disappointed because I wanted to enjoy my house and the pool before school started,” Fernander said.

“We took the delay very seriously,” Watkins said. “We know how it would impact our residents and that is why we offered the options.”

Fernander believes that Aspen Heights will be the best place for a student to live in Statesboro.

Watkins said, “Aspen Heights felt that we knew our residents needed to be in the Statesboro area by early August for various reasons, and we wanted to hold our end up of the lease agreement by giving them an option to be in the area.”