School year resolutions

Savannah Rogers

As I sit listening to “The Walker” by Fitz and the Tantrums on my laptop, knowing I saw them live in Vegas a few weeks ago, I mourn the loss of my summer. Rehearsals, parties, work-that-doesn’t-feel-like-work, road trips, bar trips, getting tipsier than life with my parents, writing music for gits and shiggles and all the other magical things are now behind me. School has once more begun, and I’ve never felt more ashamed of my struggle than in class Monday afternoon, whilst nodding off during the ever-popular first day syllabus party. Other than my horrendous sleep schedule (asleep at 6 a.m., awake at 9 a.m….anyone?), I decided there were several other things I’m going to fix before it’s too late in the semester. These are my healins and blessins for this week.

I always say it, but I will be wearing the pants in the relationship that is me and homework/assignments. In semesters past, and my, how many there have been, I’ve put any and all things off until last minute. Memorizing lines always got done, but I’d spend many evenings and mornings in Club Hendy. Freshmen, this is the library. If you’re smart, you will make dear friends with Club Hendy. Hopefully you will not start paying rent and utilities there, as I do, but you should definitely start racking up frequent flyer points there. Your grades will thank you.

I’m pretty sure I hit the junior plateau last year. That’s basically when you are active because you have to be (hauling your cookies from class to class, strutting past tasty people treats, etc.) and you rarely eat, but you eat nothing but garbage, making you stay the same weight for what seems like entirely too long. I can guarantee if you make a turkey sandwich and pack some fruit and a water, it has monumentally less sugar and calories than the tasty and sinful sesame chicken from say, the carry out Chinese restaurant near “that bar on the corner” that only takes cash. I know you know what I’m talking about. Also, there’s a good chance the turkey sandwich won’t trick you into feeling full and then feeling like a vacant ravaged desert an hour later. Just saying. I’ll still probably eat that garbage, because one does not get this figure from looking at food, but I will try harder to not do it so often.

I could go on for days, but I’d rather we all improve ourselves together, as a student body, at a realistic pace. I will beat Senioritis, and we will get through the year like champs, because Hail Southern, that’s why. Healins and blessins, y’all.