Get involved and make a difference

Brittany Walker

On Tuesday the student organizations of Georgia Southern University set up tables near the Rotunda to attract new members to their groups. If you are the kind of person who is already active in a student organization, I’ll be preaching to the choir. But if you are a freshman without a student organization or you aren’t interested in doing anything on campus other than going to class, I highly encourage you to find at least one student organization and participate in it. In doing so, you greatly benefit Georgia Southern, your community and yourself.

Student organizations get things done for Georgia Southern. Take the Green Fee. Much of the credit for this unprecedented step towards sustainability can go to SAGE, a student lead environmental organization. Their group persisted to student government that this fee should be voted upon. Student organizations have also coordinated countless events and fundraisers on campus, giving the student body opportunities to meet people, perform community service, and learn new skills.

Our student organizations have logged thousands of hours of volunteer hours, both on campus and within the community. Groups like the Student Abolitionist Movement hold discussions and educational forums to talk about human rights issues and how we can progress as a university and nation. All of the above examples are just a few of the countless things our organizations have done to make a difference.

Lastly, however, I can guarantee that you as an individual will benefit if you join a student organization. Organizations give you the opportunity to hone your people skills, earn public speaking experience, make connections, network and show future employers that you are a hard working individual with depth and capability. Less tangibly, you will get to know a diversity of people, make a difference in the world and expand your horizons. Or, you might just join Humans vs. Zombies. At the very least you’ll make some friends and get some exercise.

I can’t help but put a plug my student organization, Green Ambassadors. We are a sustainability-focused group, created to educate Georgia Southern and the community on sustainability through informative presentations and walking tours. This semester we also have plans to do volunteer work, clean up events and other fun sustainability themed events. Meetings are Wednesdays at 6 p.m. in Russell Union 2044. Hope to see you there!