‘You’re Next’ puts a new spin on home invasion

Alexandra McCray

“You’re Next” deviates from the typical slasher movie formula just enough to stay interesting but not enough to be anything groundbreaking.

The movie hardly spends any time creating a story line, opening with an eye roll-worthy sex scene in a secluded cabin. Director Adam Wingard (“V/H/S”) gets right into the blood and gore before the main title has even made its way across the screen.

The main characters are members of a rich and fragmented family who begin to arrive at the cabin for a weekend away. Erin, played by Sharni Vinson (“Step Up 3D”), the girlfriend of Crispian, played by AJ Bowen (“The Signal”), along with every other family member and guests, will soon realize this will be the worst weekend of their lives.

The long and ominous screen shots do a good job of building the tension in close encounters with the masked intruders that occur behind closet doors and open windows.

The movie also reflects the tension of the imperfect but refreshingly realistic family. This swiftly comes to a boiling point at the families first dinner together. The feast turns into a massacre thanks to animal-masked killers toting weapons ranging from crossbows to an axe.

“You’re Next” is definitely a step up from classic teen-scream horror movies. This isn’t the movie for “Final Destination” or “Scream” fans. “You’re Next” has just the right amount of gore to make the audience cringe but never goes over the top.

The last half is where the film begins to get interesting and the already fast paced action picks up even more. Just enough dark humor is thrown in to save the horrible dialogue and provide the audience with a few unexpected laughs. The characters’ true motives are soon revealed as their loved ones begin to die off one by one, and surprising survivors begin to emerge.

“You’re Next” leaves the slasher fan satisfied while providing a good scare for the less seasoned horror movie viewer.