Senior advice for freshman

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  • Gutknecht is a senior journalism major from Conyers, Ga.

Jackie Gutknecht

Dear freshmen,

First I would like to say, welcome to Georgia Southern University. This is by far the best college you could have chosen to go to.

I would also like to say, you are a freshmen, meaning that you most likely do not know your way around town, the bars, campus or anywhere for that matter. That is going to become a problem for everyone else, especially me. At this point in time you have been on campus for almost an entire week, which gives you plenty of time to know where the library and Union are, so quit asking. As for you driving around town, please take one day and get lost in Statesboro and figure it out. This town is tiny; you can do it.

The bars are a different story completely though. Since you are a freshman that means that you are (probably) not 21 yet, which means that you cannot drink. I am not saying it is impossible; I am just stating the law so we all know. Everyone knows this law, which includes bouncers, bartenders and police officers. If you are okay with getting the bar in trouble for serving minors or getting yourself in trouble for being drunk, then go right ahead, but don’t ruin the fun for those of us who are old enough.

Freshmen year is meant for you to have fun and live it up, so do just that, but don’t be stupid. Everyone on this campus has been a freshman once so we know just how excited you are, but you don’t want that excitement to turn into mistakes that will forever scar you, so be careful.


A senior