Fall semester around the bend

Anna Wells

The summer is quickly coming to an end, and even though it means that you won’t be able to spend every day at the pool, when fall comes there will still be all kinds of activities to look forward here at Georgia Southern University.

First and foremost, with the fall semester comes football season, and here in Statesboro that isn’t something to be taken lightly.  There’s been a lot of talk about this football season and its meaning (or lack thereof) for the team and fans.  Don’t listen to the naysayers. This football season is going to be just as exciting as the last, and with the big rivalry game occurring in Boone this year, the Eagles will need their support in full force.

For you freshman, the fall is a great time to figure out where you want to get involved on campus. Clubs and on-campus organizations are in full swing looking for new members. If sports are your thing, we’ve got it. If you’re into writing, you should come join us!  Heck, if you like larping we’ve got that too. GSU has a niche for everyone, and the first semester of the year is a great way to figure out where you belong.

GSU has also seen the addition of several new dining (and drinking) locations on campus.  Nothing will get you in the school spirit like drinking some Eagle Creek “water” at the new sports bar Sports Page, conveniently located right across from Paulson.  If the bar atmosphere isn’t your thing, several new delis have opened as well, and these will be working in full swing when students return in the fall.  Finally, Landrum and Lakeside will be back!  Say goodbye to the days of waiting in line for hours at the I.T. Building, and say hello to unlimited meal plans.  These new dining centers are going to be awesome and definitely a welcome addition for the fall semester.  Between new classes, new students and a brand new year, don’t get the summertime blues, but just wait in anticipation for all the exciting things to come in the fall.