All Eyes Are Forced To Florida

Blair Mutimer

Over the past two weeks we’ve been keeping a close eye on the George Zimmerman trial that’s taking place in Florida.  It’s been one the most highlighted trials to take place in recent years, though it’s my speculation that it’s the work of activists and the media that has made this case different than others similar to it.

In all the courts across America there are dozens upon dozens of self-defense trials, where a jury wouldn’t even be called in to handle the situation.  So what makes this case different?  It’s as simple as black and white.  African American activists such as Al Sharpton, stepped in weeks after the incident occurred accusing Zimmerman of a hate crime thus launching this trial onto a national stage rather than your textbook self-defense case.

National news networks have been covering this trial almost non-stop since the first appearances in the courtroom.  Certain networks have even had almost eight hours worth of airtime dedicated to it.  Now with everything that is currently going on within the United States, and even the world, is it really necessary to have almost eight hours of coverage for the George Zimmerman trial?

Our National Security Agency still hasn’t been able to track down the leaker Edward Snowden. There is a huge abortion bill currently being debated in Texas. Illinois has just become the last state to allow concealed weapons permits.  Across the world we have an Egyptian president that has been removed from power by the military in one of the largest protests of leadership in Egypt’s history.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tragedy that a young boy has been killed, and it should be covered to a certain extent.  Though in 50 years when we look back in history, what is more important?  It should be obvious that a national security leaker or an Egyptian military coup is of far more importance than a self-defense trial.  These are events that can shape the future of how their nations operate.

For over a year now people have been talking about how either Martin was ruthlessly murdered by a racist Zimmerman, or the good Samaritan neighborhood watchman Zimmerman was forced to kill an attacker in self-defense.  Because it’s become so politicized, it’s become a subject that society has gotten emotionally involved in either for one side or the other.  The media networks feed off of the emotions of the viewers and keep throwing more of it at them.  It’s okay to follow the trial and see how it pans out, but just remember that there are bigger things going on in the world than the politics of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.