EIP column misguided, ignorant

Dear Editor,

It has been my pleasure to spend this past year having the time of my life at Georgia Southern University. Truly, I have loved every second spent strolling down the pedestrium, cozily reading in the library, and chowing down at the Nest. I have fallen in love with this school and I want everyone who comes here to be able to make that connection as well.

The reason I write to you is unfortunately not just to tell of the grand time I’ve had here. An article was recently published in The George-Anne in the opinions section. It was written by Marissa Martin and in the article, Ms. Martin encourages those students who are participating in the Eagle Incentive Program (EIP) to not study for their classes. “You’re going to have so much fun here, and for those prudes who want to stay in and study for ENGL 1101, you’re living up to your stereotype.” Not only is Ms. Martin encouraging students to not study, but she is defaming those who do study for their classes.

She goes on in her article to actually encourage these under-aged students to drink alcohol. “You’re going to be able to brag to all of your friends’ senior year about that time you went and you were like sooooo wasted, off of one drink. … So raise a glass and get crazy off of one drink.” Not only is this contradictory to the entire message that Georgia Southern tries to instill into all incoming students, it is in fact illegal for any of these students to be drinking alcohol.

What struck me most about this article was finding out that Ms. Martin is in a paid position on The George Anne staff. I found that to be striking, disappointing and hurtful. She is in a position of authority and has the chance to set the tone as a role model for our incoming class. These are students who are trying their hardest to succeed so that they’ll be able to attend classes in the fall and receiving poor advice such as this is going to prevent them from succeeding at our amazing university.

I do not pretend to know about the recourse action possible that can be taken against Ms. Martin, which is completely up to how your editor handles it. However, I feel that something must be done. As a member of our professional staff, she should have known better. As a former EIP student, she should have known better. As an Eagle and student here, who these students will look to for sound advice and help, she should have known better. This sort of interdepartmental failure cannot stand.

In general, I felt ashamed that this sort of smut was being published as if it was a true reflection of the spirit of Georgia Southern. This ‘advice’ is nothing but a lie and an attack upon the character and spirit of our great university and its incredible students.

I hope that something can be done to right the wrongs that have been made.


Nicholas Anderson

Anderson is a sophomore, environmental engineering major and SOAR leader.