Tri-eagle challenge to resume B term

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William Tyson

The first half of the Tri-Eagle Challenge concluded with the end of summer term A and students have already begun to try and complete the challenge for term B.

The challenge consists of three sections: cycle 100 miles, walk or run 26.2 miles and swim 5,000 yards. The Challenge may be completed at any time during a single summer term but must be performed in front of RAC staff members for the participant to receive credit. An average of 150 participants attempt the Challenge every summer.

At the end of the first summer term, 100 people had participated and 30 had completed all requirements. Those who completed the entire Challenge received a cinch bag with the CRI logo. The top 10 participants were awarded a reusable 12-ounce bottle.

With the conclusion of the first half of the Challenge, the second half is already seeing high participation. 15 participants had taken part before the end of the first day of term B.

Because of the rigorous tasks the Challenge can be tough to complete, the RAC staff is ready to help.

“The best thing to do is make a schedule and plan your workout,” a RAC program assistant for fitness, Drew Powell said.

The staff does not want for the 30 percent completion percentage to scare anyone away from trying. According to the staff, the low completion percentage is part of the Challenge’s appeal.

“It really does mean something to complete it,” Powell said. “Completing the program gives people perspective on what they have completed.”

Powell said, “85 percent of the people who sign up do some portion of the Challenge and that’s much better than nothing.”

“A lot of people barely miss completion. They will just be a few yards short or simply forget when the Challenge ends.” Daniel Price, RAC staff member and junior computer science major, said.

Participants can gain a lot even if they do not complete the entire challenge.

“We hope that people discover something new to enjoy in their workout regimen,” Powell said. “After you try it, you will see where your strengths are and be able to set new goals.”

Those interested in participating may pick up signup sheets on the second floor of the RAC.