Yeezus walks…out of my iTunes

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Anna Wells

In his song, “Black Skinhead” Yeezy himself tells us, “I’m aware I’m a king,” and his ego only continues throughout the rest of his album “Yeezus.”

Yes, that’s right, Kanye “Imma let you finish” West has returned, and this time with an album that boasts not only audacious sounds and angry lyrics, but an album that exudes narcissism and borderline blasphemy.

The album contains remnants of his 2008 album, “8O8s & Heartbreak” with his troubled sounds and lyrics. With “Yeezus” Kanye presents a more raw version of the sounds originally heard on his “8O8s & Heartbreak.”

We have evidence of Kanye creating incredible music and art, like his music video “Runaway” on 2010’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” featured a wonderful piano accompaniment with back-up ballet dancers, and gave the viewers something that was almost inspiring.

With “Yeezus,” however, Kanye gives a seemingly deep, incredibly angry and almost disturbing album that seems to be a step out of line for the controversial rapper.

Kanye performed two of his songs on Saturday Night Live and traded the ballet dancers for computerized Rottweilers barking in the darkness at the unsuspecting audience.

Perhaps the song that sums up “Yeezus” and shows its real colors is “ I am a God.”  The songs title brings emotions from horrifying to laughable, because it’s quite possible that Kanye truly believes this about himself. Kanye raps about everything from threesomes to croissants in this track, all while maintaining the status quo by throwing in a few pixelated screams.

If that doesn’t quite make the mark for you, maybe the rap conversation between Yeezus and Jesus will hit the spot, because according to Kanye, Jesus has nothing better to do than stack millions with Kanye West.

Overall, the album does integrate some new sounds that are not often heard on the radio but are soon to catch on since the release of this album.  Its combination of classic beats, electronic music and rap makes it catchy to the ears at most.

While this album might have been fun for Kanye, it’s just not as much fun for the rest of us.