Celebrate the fourth to the fullest

Anna Wells

The Fourth of July is a holiday that brings different emotions for different people, and in light of all the current events that have caused an increase of distrust in America and everything it stands for, it is important to remember your traditions and memories of the holiday that you hold near and dear.

Growing up in the southwest corner of Georgia, the south was something that not only surrounded me, but also was a part of daily life.  And when the Fourth of July came around, it was a time to live it up and celebrate with the best of the southern folks.  The day began with the annual softball game, parents vs. youth, in which the youth always experienced a not so humble defeat.  After grilled hamburgers followed by a game of greased watermelon in the pool (yes, it exists), it was time to move the festivities elsewhere.  The Flint River was the most popular venue for Independence Day, which provided opportunities to hop on a boat, grab an inner tube and spend a day out on the local sand bar. It was a great experience that provided opportunities for all sorts of trouble to get into, but once the sun began to set, the state of mind began to change.

At the end of the night, the fireworks came, and with it, the reminder of what exactly the holiday was all about.  While all of the Fourth of July traditions were important to me, it was who I spent the holiday with that made it all truly a special experience.  When the music began to play behind the fireworks and I began to hear the town join in singing “God Bless the U.S.A,” it was a moment that gave me chills, and it still does.  If it weren’t for the sacrifices made in both the present and the past by the brave men and women, we would not even have the chance to have this wonderful holiday.  Independence Day is a day of tradition, a day to remember what our country stands for, to enjoy the company of those you love, and no matter how you celebrate it, take time to step back and remember just what this country gives you to be thankful for.