Don’t blow it, EIP

Jackie Gutknecht

Eagle Incentive Program (EIP) kids, congratulations, you have received a second chance opportunity to prove that you actually have what it takes to get into Georgia Southern University. It is your opportunity to prove everyone wrong, and you can handle college-level classes, so don’t blow it.

Sure, you’re in Statesboro, home of one of the biggest party schools in the state, but you only get one chance to stay here for the next four years. Going out to Rudy’s every night and having that random upperclassman buy you drinks might seem like a good idea right now, but in the morning you are not going to be feeling so great when you have to go to your English 1101 class and write that paper.

Think about all of the people who didn’t get into GSU at all. You wouldn’t want to let them down. You obviously had something going for you. Someone somewhere has faith that you can make it in college, and now is your opportunity to prove them right. These classes need to be taken seriously.

Every other student at GSU already knows you’re EIP so it will make your reputation even worse if you can’t pass the simplest classes that GSU has to offer.

Like I said, everyone knows you’re EIP so going out to the bars is going to be pretty unsuccessful. You look like you’re an 18-year-old, so the bouncers are probably not going to let that fake ID slide. And for the girls, the upperclassmen guys just see you as fresh meat; so going to the bars is just saying that you are okay with being taken advantage of, and that’s not okay. And for the guys, the upperclassmen girls are going to steer clear of you. I don’t know a single girl who wants to go home with someone to find out that they live in a dorm, except for other freshmen.

To all the kids in EIP, don’t blow it. You only have to deal with this for one month, so make it worth it and then come back in the fall and have a blast like every other freshman.