Q&A with Robbie Dodds

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Colin Ritsick

Robbie Dodds




Mount Pleasant, S.C.

Q. What uniform combination is your favorite?

A. “Blue tops with white pants and the blue camo hat.”

Q. Earlier this year Ben Morgan said that you were the class clown of the team, is that true?

A. “(laughs) I don’t know, if he said so. I like to enjoy myself when I’m out there.”

Q. Did you play any other sport in high school?

A. “No, I didn’t. I got to high school and realized I wanted to play college baseball so I focused on that.”

Q. What is your dream job?

A. “Music star, play in front of huge crowds.”

Q. What is your favorite part about going to Georgia Southern?

A. “The college atmosphere, I love it man. I went to a junior college before here, only like 700 kids. But here, everyone loves Georgia Southern. It’s awesome.”