Students to vote for Homecoming theme Monday

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Lilly McCann

For the first time, the Georgia Southern University Programming Board will allow students to vote for the Homecoming theme that they want on April 15.

The four themes students will be able to choose from for the fall 2013 Homecoming are Disney, board games, around the world and carnival.

“We want to make homecoming a stronger tradition and a memorable week. Voting lets students’ voices be heard. It’s their money and fees being put to work,” Libbey Butgereit, homecoming committee chair, said.

Although events have not been specifically chosen, ideas for each theme have been floating around.

The Disney theme could be narrowed down to sub-themes such as princesses, fairytales or the classics, and for the parade organizations could choose a Disney movie to theme their float off of.

“‘Around the World’ would be great for incorporating different types of foods and cultures from all over the world. We could have some cool speakers as well,” Butgereit said.

The board game theme consists of 15 board games such as Monopoly and events would challenge organizations to make them GSU-esque, Butgereit said.

The carnival theme could potentially include GSU’s own carnival, if space and budget permits.

“Voting gives me more of a chance to choose something I’m more interested in. Therefore, I’m going to want to participate more,” David Pate, senior engineering major, said.

Butgereit plans to make Homecoming Week about more than the organizations and improve alumni relations.

“(The alumni) are what have gotten us here. We want to make Homecoming a tradition that they want to come to and make current students want to come back to,” Butgereit said.

Royalty may be required to fulfill more requirements than in previous Homecoming weeks, including being interviewed by more professionals from campus organizations, not just UPB, Butgereit said.

Students can vote for their preferred homecoming theme through MyInvolvement via MyGeorgiaSouthern, from April 15 – 19 at 12 p.m.

Voting tables with free food will also be made available for students to vote Monday through Wednesday between 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Butgereit said, “We want students to be as involved as possible so that we can make homecoming the best it can be.”