Student directors present showcase

Laurianna Cull

Twelve students will present scenes they have directed from shows ranging from “A Street Car Named Desire” to “Mirror Mirror.”

The presentation of these scenes will be held in the Black Box Theater Friday at 7 p.m.

“We’re all different directors working in the same space, with many of the same actors and the same equipment. I’m really interested to see how each director uses the different elements. The creativity is really on the director,” Alex Smith, director in the showcase and senior multimedia communications major, said.

This scene showcase is a product of professor Lisa Abbott’s play direction class. Her students each picked a scene they wished to direct, held auditions and will now present the final product.

The scene actors commented on how their experiences with professors’ directing styles differed from the student directors.

“It’s a lot different working under a student director rather than a professor here. I get the sense that I play a bigger part in it compared to other shows, and I feel more subject to talk to the director. I can relate to them better,” Alex Bowser, freshman accounting major and student actor, said.

“It has been a pleasure working with the student directors and seeing all of their different styles and techniques,” Leonard Morrow, freshman theater major and student actor, said.

Some of the actors like Sam Russell, GSU alumni, are participating in multiple scenes and have had the privilege of experiencing different student directing styles.

Russell said, “Students are working through the process for the first time. They take on the challenge of their scenes and bring their different backgrounds into what they envision for their scenes.”